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What is the Recovery Time for YAG Capsulotomy?

The eye(s) that have been lasered may feel a bit dazzled for a little while (minutes – hours) after the procedure, but usually the improvement in vision will be apparent as soon as an hour after the procedure. 

At Home

There is no ‘recovery time’ because you can do everything as normal when you get home. It is fine to get the eye wet, read and watch television and you can do your regular exercise or sport. 

Follow up

Routine follow up is not normally required after YAG capsulotomy, but please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns.

New Glasses

YAG capsulotomy generally does not alter your glasses prescription, but if you are due for an eye test you can see your optometrist for refraction (glasses check) around 4-5 weeks after YAG capsulotomy.


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