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What is the Treatment for PCO ?

PCO is treated with a procedure called a YAG capsulotomy.

Do I Need Treatment for PCO and Are There Any Other Treatments?

Rather like cataract, PCO should be treated when it is affecting your vision, but you do not have to have treatment. Untreated, it will gradually worsen causing more blurring of the vision. There are no drops or non-surgical treatments for PCO. Before lasers, PCO used to be treated with surgery to cut an opening in the cloudy posterior capsule, but surgery is only required extremely rarely nowadays.

What Happens If I Have Other Eye Diseases?

YAG laser treatment of PCO should not affect other diseases such as glaucoma or macular degeneration. PCO however does carry a very small risk of retinal detachment, and therefore if you have had previous retinal tears or detachment, this should be carefully monitored after the treatment (see below).

Can I Have PCO Treatment in Both Eyes Done as the Same Time?

YAG laser capsulotomy treatment of PCO is an extremely safe procedure with a risk of complications of around 1 in 5000 treatments. Therefore, we frequently treat both eyes at the same time. But it is also fine to have one eye treated at a time.


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