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About Us

We are delighted to offer a private one-stop YAG laser posterior capsulotomy service for patients referred directly by their optometrist for treatment of posterior capsule opacification.

What to expect (as a patient):

You will be greeted on arrival and checked in by a member of the clinic staff. Your pupil(s) will be dilated with drops, which usually take approximately 15 minutes to work, before a detailed examination is carried out by one of our consultants. If the consultant agrees that YAG laser posterior capsulotomy is indicated then the risks and benefits of the treatment will be discussed before a consent form is signed by yourself and the doctor.

The painless laser treatment will then be carried out straight away and you will be free to leave immediately afterwards with the appropriate information and contact details should you have any subsequent questions or concerns relating to your laser treatment.

No formal follow-up is required after YAG laser posterior capsulotomy, but it is often a good opportunity for a glasses update by your optometrist in the weeks following the procedure. You should continue to attend for routine sight tests by the referring optometrist in the long term.

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